Manage your Kubernetes cluster through Slack

What are we going to do exactly? Are you are tired for using kubectl whenever you want to issue a simple command like viewing the pods in some namespace, listing…

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How to modify MySQL RDS with zero downtime?

Relational Database Service (RDS) is a feature provided by Amazon AWS so that you can have a MySQL DB (along with other database types) offered as a service. Using RDS,…

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Lambda unable to load module

How to solve “unable to load module” when using Paramiko package in a Lambda function?

Paramiko is a powerful Python library that enables you to set up SSH sessions with remote hosts, execute commands and receive their output, as well as a bunch of other…

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Using Ansible to install Python

How to use Ansible even if the target host does not have Python installed?

Ansible is quickly becoming the de facto configuration management tool today. It’s very easy to use, has a ton of modules, does not need a management server; as it can…

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How to use an AWS Lambda function to monitor website health?

Problem: my website goes down frequently. I need to be the first one to know. Websites do fail. More often than not your website/blog goes down for some reason or…

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